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The “Virtual” Party Experience

Many direct sellers are doing online or virtual parties more often.  Some are holding Facebook parties and tracking their notifications to keep up with the questions or comments throughout the course of the party. Others hold parties on those online party rooms where you get together via a chat room.  How about those groups of direct sellers who sell to each other?  Those are just three ways direct sellers are driving business their way.  Does it work?  Apparently, yes! But it is not how we should be doing our “virtual” parties.

Direct selling online doesn’t have to sound impossible, but we do need to use it to our advantage and do it professional.  When I hear the words pajamas and think about what a direct seller is trying to achieve, it doesn’t sound like the two go together.  I know that if we are behind the scenes, it shouldn’t matter what we wear. I am not so sure.  We are business owners and need to brand our reputation.  I also think people need to make the online shopping experience real for their viewers aka potential buyers.  I would imagine the people online want to see products in action as well as the seller.

What I am saying is we need to eliminate the pajamas, the chatting, the still images of products, and go LIVE!  If this is not a new concept, then why are so many people trying to reach their sales goals using Facebook or party rooms?

I notice that the word “Virtual Parties” is being used all over the internet.  I decided to look up the definition to the word “Virtual” and here is the best one I found.

Having most properties, the appearance, essence, or effect, of something without being that thing.

Read more:

When we have a virtual party, we are trying to make the viewer experience the effect of it without having to actually be there.  How can we do that on Facebook?  Can they taste the food, touch the products, or smell the candles?  Nope. But think that when a television commercial showing a sizzling juicy burger will make our mouths water, our Facebook parties will not.

When we go live and people connect with you face to face via a webcam or any other streaming device, you can bring that experience to them.  You can have friends over your house and the ones who can’t make it can connect online, watch your demo, and even take part in the games.  You can engage your online viewers just as easily as with the people standing right next to you.

Invest in some equipment or look to outside companies who can help you bring your home parties to life for people across the country.  I’ve witnessed people using Livestream and I’ve even tried out a cool online video conferencing platform called Zoom where you can use tablet or an iPad to connect to anyone using a computer or a smart device.  Both companies are pretty awesome, affordable, and easy to use.

If you are satisfied with the results of how you are running your online business and sales are good, then more power to you and congratulations. If you want to take it to another, more professional, level, then go LIVE.

If you are not good at the online thing (it does take some practice) you can and probably should record your demos.   You can upload videos using a free Vimeo account and share with online guests before diving into your party games.  There are so many videos posted on Facebook, so you can do the same when you do a Facebook party.

My only advice to you would be this.  No matter which option you decide to use (live or video), please don’t be in your pajamas and don’t have other direct selling products in the background.

Share your experiences with fellow direct sellers like yourself.


“Do you know WHO I am?”

Every year I am part of a yearly convention with a reputable direct selling company.  I love the company and for the most part, the people who help build the company.  I witness amazing things and hear inspirational stories.  There are those people who are so shy but are top sellers in personal sales.  Then you have those who are the “Go Get ‘Em” type people and build successful teams.  Sadly, though, we have so many individuals who think they are better than everyone else.  They can do no wrong and behave arrogantly to anyone who is below or above them in rank.

One person did not like that she wasn’t going to get preferential treatment one day, and as a result, she threatened to talk to my boss.  Oh yes she did! She talked to my boss and told lies, but I stood by my actions and words and explained that I did nothing wrong.  I truly didn’t.  The woman behaved like a spoiled child rather than an adult. That same day, two associates of mine were also harassed by another person.  When I see and hear things like this, I am so disappointed.  As an organization, we shouldn’t tolerate such behavior.  Yet, we wait on these people hand and foot and do everything for them. When things go wrong, or not to their liking, they strike out like venomous snakes.  They belittle anyone who is not within their organization or clique.  Why do these so-called “leaders” behave like this?  Some leaders in direct sales barely have a high school diploma, but yet they act like they have a Ph.D. I’m going to be harsh here and tell you I see bad leaders all the time.  It is a shame they have even earned that title.

I’ll point out five bad qualities of a leader (that I’ve seen a lot) and then give you five good qualities ( I wish I could see more of).

Being a leader doesn’t mean being a snob. You should not act like you are better than anyone because you are not.  That is the first wrong attitude to have if you want to call yourself a leader.

Being a leader doesn’t mean being fake.  Don’t pretend to be nice and act like you care and then as soon as a person is not in your face anymore, your smile fades too.

Being a leader doesn’t mean being mean.  Remember, you were once at the bottom of the food chain. You were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth, and if you were, you are still no better than the person who wasn’t. Learn your manners and treat others as you want people to treat you, no matter their title or education.  Stop yelling or threatening.  You may get people to be nice to you, but behind your back, they will despise you completely.

Being a leader doesn’t mean being selfish. It is NOT all about YOU.  You may think that way just because you are a top seller or have the biggest team.  You shouldn’t expect to have everything your way.  I repeat…it is not all about YOU.  Don’t expect everyone to bow down to you and give you all that your heart’s desire because you believe you deserve it.

Being a leader doesn’t mean being jealous.  Are you afraid of your teammate doing better than you?  You are afraid to show them the ropes entirely because you see that they have the potential to soar.  Their recognition may mean you are no longer in the spotlight.  Get over it and stop being so jealous.

Now here are my simple but good qualities of a leader.

Be a leader who is polite.

Be a leader who is honest.

Be a leader who is kind.

Be a leader who is selfless.

Be a leader who is supportive.

Which qualities would you rather have?

Don’t Let Fear Interfere with Your New Business

Are you afraid of what’s ahead?  Are you reluctant to step out of your comfort zone to achieve what you desire?

Are you letting fear overcome you?  What can you do to get rid of that fear?

Believe me when I say, no matter who you are, fear of the unknown affects us all.  Some can move forward with their life despite that fear.  Others are simply stuck; kind of like stage fright.  There is no one we can blame for having that fear. It is all our doing.  We think about what ifs, or how we CAN’T do something, or even how awkward a situation might be for us.

I remember when I started direct selling, being the introvert that I am, how hard it was for me to talk to complete strangers.  I had no friends or family to sell to, only colleagues from work.  I was pretty confident in my ability to do a good job, but I had to overcome the first obstacle before I could do that good job, and that was fear.  I dreaded doing parties or going to networking events. Once I was there and got started, I was not afraid as much.  The problem I faced was, even though meeting new people wasn’t new to me, I still felt fear come over me each time.

If we let fearful thoughts into our head before even trying something, then what do you expect to happen.  Nothing.  When we ask our children to try a new food they’ve never tried, isn’t it kind of the same thing?  They are afraid the food won’t taste good.  We, as parents try to explain to them how they can’t know if it is good or not if they never tasted it before?  Apply that thought process to your situation. How can you expect to overcome your fear if you don’t face it?

Some techniques to work on your fear can be as simple as writing them in a notebook.  But if that isn’t enough, try talking to a mentor or to someone you trust, so they can help you work on those fears.  Don’t just sit and complain about them. Get a plan going to get rid of them. Don’t describe them as excuses, but instead as challenges you face, and that one day you will beat.   Close your eyes at the end of each day and feed your mind with positive thoughts. Envision yourself doing the exact things you are afraid of doing.  You must practice every day, every chance you get.  Just as you need water to remove toxins from your body, well, you need to feed your mind with so many positive thoughts that there is no room for fear to reside.

This is a good start for those newcomers to direct selling.  It is a job that requires us to have the most confidence, so start working on that fear of yours and then you can focus on what’s next.